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Meet Mika Maker Jack Hill - Finishing Operator



With more than 15 years of experience at Mika Metal Fabricating, Jack Hill is a talented and versatile employee. Find out how he started at Mika and what he enjoys about his work. 

Jack Hill started working in the paint shop at Mika in 2006. Soon, he found himself working on assemblies, and he learned to utilize a variety of machines. While he has done a great deal of bending, Hill is also a skilled Numerical Control (NC) operator. Deburring, finishing and silk screening are among his other areas of expertise. 

Because Mika customers often have complex, high-quality assemblies that demand tight tolerances, Hill’s special attention to the pieces he finishes is critical. 

When he talks with his friends and family about working at Mika, “they are often surprised by the many ways we are able to form steel into a variety of everyday products,” he says.  These products can range from a simple bracket to a highly complex medical cart. 

“They are also surprised by the big name companies, both locally and nationally, we provide products for, in the electronics, surgical and other markets. 

Constantly Learning to Meet New Challenges

Over the years, Mika’s management team has relied on Jack and have always appreciated his willingness to learn new techniques. Recently, he  has taken on the responsibility of learning to use and instruct others in the use of the new Lissmac finishing machine.

Lissmac Finishing Machine Operator


“There are always new challenges at Mika,” Jack says. And just as important, “there are many wonderful people to be around.” 

Having worked at Mika for so long, Jack has been a resource for many new hires over the years. His co-workers appreciate his steady and consistent work – no matter what area of the shop or piece of equipment he’s working on, Hill can be counted on to produce quality finished pieces, and to be ready to share his knowledge with others.  

Serious Sports Fan and Cooking Talent 

While he is well-respected for his thorough understanding of metal finishing tools and techniques on the shop floor, he’s also known for his wide-ranging knowledge of sports, especially baseball and football. (He played both - and also wrestled - in high school.) 

He also knows his way around the kitchen.

Jack says some people might be surprised to know he can cook up almost any type of meal. Before he came to work at Mika, Jack managed a restaurant in Eastlake. While he’s proud of his culinary accomplishments, he says the best thing that came from that experience is that he met his wife Deborah while working at that restaurant. 

When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife going to the theater. Their favorite play is The Phantom of the Opera. Million Dollar Baby is his favorite movie; and while he has never boxed he does have past experience in martial arts. Ireland tops the list of places he hopes to visit one day to reconnect with his ancestral roots. 

Please join us in congratulating Jack Hill for 15+ years at Mika! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Jack! Our customers appreciate all you do to make what matters! 

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